Individual Tax Returns

We bring the highest level of service and expertise to each of our clients, providing them with T1 Individual Income Tax Returns. Read More

Disability Tax Credit

We are here to help Canadians maximize their disability tax credits with refunds of up to $40,000. We work with our clients and apply for disability tax credits, grants, bonds and other benefits that could be available for them. Read More

Business Continuity Plans

Do you have a plan in place in order to deal with an unanticipated crisis that may interrupt your business? Anticipating potential emergencies and how they impact your operations will help you in preparing to deal with them.
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Buy-Sell Agreements

A buy-sell agreement is the will for the business and it eliminates a lot of difficulties and heartaches when a person dies. Read More

Corporate Tax Returns

We offer preparation and corporate tax filing services for all types of businesses and ensure that all the business needs of our clients are satisfied. Read More

Business Registration

Are you thinking of starting a small business? We’ll answer your questions about registering and starting a new business, preparing a business plan, taxes, available government programs and much more. Read More

Business Consulting

We are here to help you transcend the day-to-day challenges to create and sustain true value. We incorporate in-depth knowledge with strong project management skills and extensive experience advising our clients.
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Disability Buy-Out Agreements

A disability buy-out agreement is designed to provide the company owners with the money they need to purchase a disabled owner’s interest in the company. Read More

Executive Health Agreements

The success of a company depends largely on the contribution of key leaders, employees and partners. Read More

Loan Protection

If you were unable to work and earn an income, would you be able to afford your mortgage payments? How would you be able to repay your other loans?
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We work with our clients to provide peace of mind, insight and assistance into the financial management of their business.  Read More

Overhead Expense Agreements

Overhead Expense Agreements are expense reimbursement insurance policies. Read More

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