Financial Planning

Our financial planners will help you balance your current financial needs against your long-term objectives.  We follow a structured process to create and implement a plan designed to help you maintain a disciplined approach towards achieving your financial goals.

All our financial plans are comprehensive and include the following:


  • Preparation of a statement of net worth
  • Preparation of a balance sheet
  • Preparation of a statement of lifestyle expenditures
  • Preparation of statement of cash flow
  • Monitoring your results, once a plan in in place


  • Review and analyze of your current investment holdings & asset allocation
  • Determine the characteristics of your investment holdings and implications of acquiring/disposing of your assets
  • Ensure your investment objectives are aligned with your risk tolerance, time horizon & expected rate of return


  • Review and analyze current existing insurance policies and identify potential financial obligations
  • Determine relative lifestyle and health issues & compare current risk exposures to existing coverage
  • Make recommendations and assist our clients in implementing the plan


  • Review and analyze prior years’ tax returns and notice of assessments
  • Evaluate your current tax strategies for suitability of your objectives
  • Make recommendations that will reduce or eliminate your tax obligations


  • Review and analyze all sources of retirement income (CPP, OAS, GIS, work pension)
  • Calculate potential expenses during your retirement years and your financial requirements
  • Develop retirement planning strategies to reduce income tax payable and maintain a stream of income


  • Review and analyze current legal agreements & documents that could impact your estate
  • Calculate potential expenses and taxes owing at death
  • Assess the specific needs of survivors & the liquidity of the estate upon death

All our Mutual Funds, GICs & Fee for Service Financial Planning provided through CANFIN Magellan Investments Inc.

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